Guide to Xmas Lights

Your Guide to Xmas Lights

Have you been put in charge of hanging the Xmas lights this year? Don’t worry, we will explain exactly how to do it safely and quickly so that you can get back to the important things, like shopping!

Step 1: Selecting the lights/theme

To become holiday ready is to select the appropriate lighting. Xmas lights of various shapes, sizes, designs, patterns and colors are available. But before you make the purchase, decide on a theme for your decoration. The Christmas themes can range from religious motifs to dramatic designs or a childlike Santa theme or even romantic features like mistletoe. Also, consider if whether you need lights for the tree or outdoor Xmas lights or one set of each.

Step 2: Actual hanging

Guide to Xmas Lights
Guide to Xmas Lights

You need to decide between using a horizontal or a vertical placement for your Xmas lights. The vertical lighting adds volume to the tree. So if you are hanging lights as part of your Christmas tree decorations, use the vertical lighting to make it look bigger, use laser light projectors for fast and easy install. Even though tree decorating can be a fun family activity, this could also be very tricky and dangerous. You might want to hang the Xmas lights by yourself before you start putting additional decorations on the tree.

Safety Tips

Here are some important safety considerations before you start working with the lights.

The cord should not be cracked or with loose connections. Stay on the safe side and just purchase new lights than getting them repaired. If there is no power source near the Christmas tree, get an extension cord that has a long cord. Though you need to keep the tree moist and watered, make sure the extension cord or the power source is protected from water. Once the power supply is secured, follow the instructions on the package of Xmas lights just to be sure that you are staying safe. Finally, avoid using different brands of Xmas lights together especially if they are of different wattage. This can lead to fire.

When hanging outdoor Xmas lights, there are even more safety issues to think about. First, be cautious about the ladder you use. Make sure that you have at least one person holding the ladder for you as you climb up. Begin b hanging lights along the roof. Once the roof is decorated, start decorating the columns, railings, windows, fences and trees. For the columns, garland twisting can be used with a string of lights along the column and then tape the ends. This gives a dramatic effect to the lights and decor. Measure the windows and use an appropriate length of Xmas lights to cover the edges of the windows. Make sure there is no cord or cable jutting out. It might block the window from closing. Now turn on the power on and enjoy basking in the glow of your home this Christmas.


One important thing! Make sure you turn down the lights when you go out of the house to prevent incident of fire.


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