How much would the Best Titanic Necklace be Worth

How much would the Best Titanic Necklace be Worth?

Costumes and Necklaces have always played an important role by adding elements of drama, beauty and history on the screen. We decided to take a closer look at the Popular necklaces that have impressed us both in fantasy and in reality. While most of these pieces are fictional, see how our Necklace experts could estimate their value.

Heart of the Ocean – Titanic:

We founded our team with one of the most famous necklaces in the history of cinema. The heart of the Titanic Ocean has a large and beautiful blue diamond, surrounded by small and white, in a necklace with diamonds.

The Heart Chain of the Ocean, used in the movie Titanic, has a very interesting and complex story that incorporates a fictional story presented in the Movie and the true story of the inspiration of the necklaces, the Diamond of Hope. In the film, the heart of the ocean was a rare blue diamond that was once worn in the crown. The diamond disappears after execution. It is later recovered and cut into a heart shape and is known as the heart necklaces of the ocean.

This story is indeed very similar to the true diamond of hope, except that it was part of the real necklace instead of a crown. While the heart of the ocean is a completely fictional piece, both the necklace and the movie were inspired by a tragic love story on the ship, which was a precious sapphire necklace.

Melisandre’s Ruby Necklace- Game of Thrones:

Game of Thrones, a popular book series and even bigger TV show, is full of fantasy and drama. Fantastic action lines and complex characters include elaborate costumes, hair and makeup. Melisandre, the red gold and ruby necklace worn by the Red Woman is particularly interesting and has great historical and religious significance. As you can imagine, we were very curious to see how much such a chain could cost.

Boleyn ‘B’ – The Other Boleyn Girl:

Do you remember when the first necklaces were the latest craze? Well, it would not be the first time. Personalized jewelry was very popular around the time of Henry. One of the most prominent pieces is Anne Boleyn’s “B” gold and pearl necklace. There is speculation that the famous portrait with the necklace “B” was not from Boleyn – it was another Tudor with the surname Brandon. Despite this theory, the necklace can be seen in the film “The Other Boleyn Girl”. This necklace, which included an “AB” chain and an “H” chain worn by Henry, was finally given to her daughter Elizabeth and is featured in several of her portraits.

Ruby Diamond Necklace – Pretty Woman:

In one of the most famous movie scenes of American cinema, Vivian presents a stunning necklace of ruby and diamond that is so beautiful that it initially feels touched. This will, of course, be followed immediately by this unforgettable laugh when the box is closed. This laughter is so sincere and so adorable because it was actually a practical joke about Julia Roberts. The director, whose idea it was, said, “When she laughs, the whole world lights up.” The movie just could not do without it.

Although the style of the necklace is outdated, the connection with the film is still very present. Therefore, the necklace would probably be more a piece of jewelry or a collection than a formal dress. No matter what material or style, the value lies in Julia Roberts’ famous laughter, which gives this sensational piece of beauty and life.

Pearl and Diamond Necklace  – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Audrey Hepburn’s beautiful pearl necklace is possibly one of the most iconic necklaces in film history and does not need any introduction. Hepburn’s portrayal of Holly Golightly of Capote simply would not have been complete without the impressive pearl chains and the large diamond brooch on her neck.

The problem when evaluating this piece is that there are many unknowns. This is something our experts often find since many people do not know the exact characteristics of what they have. That is why certain assumptions must be made when providing an initial estimate, without physically seeing the item.


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Most beutiful necklaces i have ever seen !

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