fashionable in winter

How can I be fashionable in winter?

One of the most challenging seasons is winter. In winter the primary motive is to keep yourself warm. We rarely focus on style or fashion. But simple planning can actually keep you both stylish and warm. Here are some easy tips that can help you stay warm as well as stylish in winters.

  • Layering: It helps you to play with the mixture of patterns. The main focus is to get thinner pieces that offer maximum warmth, playing with varying lengths to flatter your body shape, and layer on scarfs to pull the looks together.

  • Snow boots: You can opt for low heeled boots in material and shape you feel comfortable wearing. Get a trendy look by wearing the pair with matching coat/jacket.

  • Furr: Fur is one of those sartorial no brainers when it comes to keeping yourself warm. Consider a fur coat this winter, the change in texture creates a more high-end look that will keep you warm.

  • Coats: You can make a statement with a coat. Don’t go for dark coats and jackets. Skip black and grey and opt for a bright hue or bold print.

  • Wear White: White coats and jackets can actually brighten a look. Most people shy away from wearing white in winters. It can actually brighten a look and you can still feel winter appropriate.

  • Hats: During winter a bit of body’s heat can be protected by wearing a hat. Invest in a hat that will flatter your looks as well as face shape.

  • Scarf: You can add color to a dark look with scarves. They usually have a variety of textures and offer bright colors and prints. Consider it in your wardrobe it will create a higher impact.

I’ll always say that nothing else matters in fashion. It’s just a bit of confidence and a smile on your face that can change every game. You are beautiful in every way. Have  a trendy lifestyle. Thanks for reading.

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