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What is better waxing or hair removal creams?

Removing unwanted and undesirable hairs from the body is as necessary as paying utility bills, you cannot simply ignore it. There are countless methods available for this purpose; some can be used in the comfort of your place.  However, for some procedures, you need to visit saloons and dermatologists regularly. In either way, removing unwanted hairs are a vital part of our lives now. Men and women both are equally taking this problem seriously and applying various methods to overcome this issue.

A lot of debate has been done on the topic of choosing the best method for hair removal, either waxing or hair removal creams.

This article will further guide you in deciding the best method.


Waxing is one of the most traditional methods of removing extra hair from your body. It requires less time, yet it gives more effective results. This method can be done at the convenience of your place, and you can also enjoy the luxury of having it done at saloons.

It pulls off the hairs directly from the roots, and you can enjoy hair-free skin for about six weeks.  It is one of the natural methods of removing hairs from the body as the wax is usually made up of natural ingredients. This procedure disrupts the growth of unwanted hairs for the future as well.

However, this is one of the most painful methods. The first few sessions are excruciating than with time you get used to this pain. Also, some of your body areas are more sensitive to others. That is the reason why you experience more pain in some areas and less pain in other areas.

One more disadvantage of waxing is the redness and irritation occurring after the procedure, which can last for a few hours or maybe for one day. You can apply soothing lotions and cream after waxing your hair to avoid any redness and irritation.

Hair removal creams:

Hair removals creams work by applying it on the skin, leaving it for some time, and then scraping it or merely washing them out. These creams work for every length of hair, either too long or too short. Permanent hair removal cream for men and women both options are available and can be applied any time according to your convenience.

However, these creams do not disrupt the growth of future hairs as roots of hairs are not being affected by most hair removal creams. Therefore, most of these creams are not considered a permanent option for hair removal. Moreover, a lot of chemicals are being used in the manufacturing of most of these products. That is why patch tests are always recommended by the manufacturer to avoid any possible allergic reactions. People with sensitive skin are always advised to recommend their physician before using any of these products.




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August 24, 2020

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