What Are The Best Flowering Trees That You can Grow In Your Garden?

Flowers are just beautiful they just know how to put a smile on our faces and with them being here we can just be stress-free with their beautiful fragrance the flowers are just masterpieces of nature.

It is just good to plant trees and you can gift one as well be it any occasion you can also gift trees on Mother’s Day, after all, it is also celebrating the love of Mother Nature towards us as the earth bears us. A tree in the garden or anywhere you think it will just look good is always an option that one can consider.

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But there are many things that one need to consider before opting for a tree-like that and here are the few tips that you can consider while getting yourself a tree:


  • Always observe around you and just look that which trees are bound to thrive otherwise having a flowering tree is meaningless
  • You must remember to remove dead and diseased branches after you have observed the tree
  • Remember to keep it blossoming, again and again, you need to make sure that you are watering them evenly and use fertilizers if required.
  • Remember that you need to know about the soil you are using as the requirement of soil differs from plant to plant.
  • You must have patience as the tree takes time and let nature run its course rather than using chemicals opt for organic products for the tree.

Let us talk about the trees now there are many trees that you can grow in your garden but choose wisely and make sure that you can take care of them, the list is as follows:


Now this tree is responsible to show you pale pink flowers and white after they have bloomed completely and are known for the fruits, they have which are in many colours of orange and red but the birds just have their share there. You need to remember that this tree needs slightly acidic soil and is very adaptable. They need to be exposed to the sunlight and they need just the medium moisture around them. when it comes to trimming of the branches you can always trim them after the tree has flowered.



When it comes to this plant it is all about spring and fall, in spring this plant gives you white flowers and in fall the tree will give you red-orange flowers, the fall colours are there to remind you of the fall. If you wish to eat the fruit as well then you can and you would be surprised to know but the fruits of this tree do resemble the blueberries. This tree is known to have attained the height of 15-25 feet and is known to get trimmed in winter as it is considered the ideal time, they prefer full sun to part shade and you can always ask more about it from the best florists in Bangalore.


These trees have trumpet-like flowers that are known to attract hummingbirds and various other pollinators and are known for their fragrance as well. these plants require full sun to grow and water occasionally once the tree has been established. These plants are bound to grow for 15-20 feet and have the best time to be trimmed around fall. You can always have this tree in your garden.


One thing you should know about this tree is that you need to get the young specimen and plant it like this tree will not easily adapt to being transplanted. This tree has beautiful flowers on it and needs full son when planted in a well-drained soil but if you are living in a hot climate already then you can go for partial sunlight as well.


You can go for this tree if you have a hot climate which guarantees full sun and is not windy, this tree will just leave awestruck when it grows the tree will reach 15-20 feet when it is mature and in rare cases, it goes beyond that as well, all you need to remember is that you should trim the tree right after it has flowered.

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