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Wear Different Varieties of Polo Shirts with Style

Both the men and women relish polo sports shirts. Why? Because polo shirts are favourite articles of clothing for both, men and women. In the past, the polo shirts came in the long-sleeve version, and they were specifically made for polo players. With the passage of time, the polo shirt upgraded to their short-sleeve version that is, very popular among the tennis players these days. Polo shirts are used as a part of uniforms for tennis, polo, and golf players, and they are very popular articles of clothing among people of all age groups. A polo shirt can be deployed as athleticwear, casual wear, and semi-formal wear. It is an ideal piece of clothing that is, also called a “tennis shirt” or a “golf shirt”.

Options for Wearing Polo Shirts:

Choosing a polo shirt in line with the occasion is important, as they are available online in different cuts, fabrics, and colours. Men or women must go with a polo shirt according to their complexion, silhouettes, and personalities. Polo shirts can be paired with an assortment of clothes to make different stylish outfits. For example, pairing a polo shirt with a fitted blazer can help men get a business casual look. Similarly, women can try on polo shirts with jeans, shorts, miniskirts, necklaces, and bracelets to get a casual chic look. Furthermore, stretchable polo shirts can be worn with sweatpants, yoga pants, or fitness shorts by men and women for sports activities. A polo shirt is a multipurpose article of clothing that comes in different varieties. Let us discuss the varieties for polo shirts:

  • Cotton Polo Shirts:

The most famous type of polo shirt is a cotton polo. A cotton polo shirt is lightweight, breezy, and perfect shirt for the summer. Cotton polo shirts are comfortable, and they give a bit of energy to one’s daily looks. They are easy to wash, and they come in numerous colours online. Wearers can wear such polo shirts to go to work, attend events, or spend the night in the town. Cotton polo shirts are inexpensive, and they are ideal for embroidery.

  • Performance Polo Shirts:

Are you in search of an iconic casual piece? If yes, then you can never go wrong with performance polo shirts. They received their name, performance polo shirts, as they were initially designed for players who are into tennis, rugby, and gold. Nowadays, these polo shirts have acquired a noticeable place in fashion. Performance polo shirts are players’ favourites when they are out in the field.

  • Jersey-Knit Polo Shirts:

They are somewhat similar to performance polo sports shirts. They are made with high-quality and breathable fabric to let the wearers feel comfy all the time. They are casual in taste, and you can easily embroider such polo shirts to look stylish and sophisticated.

  • Polyester Polo Shirts:

These polo shirts are as much popular as cotton polo shirts. These are ideal polo sports shirts to wear on a golf course. They are a flawless article of clothing for a variety of occasions. These polo shirts wick away moisture with triumph, and they are an excellent choice as sportswear. They do not shrink and produce wrinkles, because polyester is a durable fabric.

  • 50-50 Poly-Cotton Blend Polo Shirts:

You may find a 100% cotton or 100% polyester shirt quite easily. You can also find a 50-50 poly-cotton blend polo sports shirt like Jerzees 437 very easily. A 50-50 poly-cotton blend polo sports shirts enjoy the characteristics of cotton and polyester at the same time still, they come for a cheaper price than 100% cotton or 100% polyester polo sports shirts.

  • Silk Polo Shirts:

These polo shirts are ideal for formal events. You may wear these polo shirts while attending weddings or dinners. They are made with shiny and smooth fabric making them an elegant and fashionable clothing choice for men or women to wear under a trench coat or a fleece jacket. Silk polo shirts are not made up of a breathable fabric, so you should not wear them while you play sports or do workouts.


Polo sports shirts are popular articles of clothing for men, women, and boys, as well as girls. Wearers have plenty of options for wearing polo sports shirts, as they are available online in a variety of types. Cotton polo sports shirts are ideal for the summer, as they are lightweight. Performance polo shirts are ideal for playing games, and jersey-knit polo shirts help the wearers to feel relaxed all the time. Polyester polo shirts do not produce wrinkles. A 50-50 poly-cotton blend polo shirt, such as Jerzees 437 is cheaper than a 100% cotton or 100% polyester polo shirt. Silk polo shirts are optimal for formal events. Last of all, each polo shirt is unique in the sense it serves the wearers.


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