My acne journey and how I dealt with it

My acne journey and how I dealt with it

Acne is something that scares everyone when they are about to hit their teenage years. When I was in my 20’s the acne problems hit me really hard. It was the worst time of my life when I started dealing with acne.

I was born in Oman. I lived there for like 7 to 8 years and my skin was clear like there was not even a single mark on my face. Then I had to move to Pakistan when I came here for the first time the environment didn’t really suit me and when I started schooling here in my 20’s I got really bad acne. I used to hide my face from people and I stopped socializing with people. I really had few friends at that time.  I hide a lot of my acne by putting hair on my face and makeup but if you have ever struggled with acne, you know how depressing it can be.  I became insecure and less confident because in a world where we are living today beauty matters a lot. The face is the first thing to notice by everyone moreover people asking questions like Why you have so many pimples? Why don’t you care about your face? Don’t you drink enough water? Oh my GOD look at your face so many scars have you ever been to a dermatologist?

People really don’t understand how such words can affect someone already going through a difficult time in life and asking such questions can make them more depressed and upset. So these are a few common things everyone with acne has gone through.

How I dealt with my Acne

I decided to go to a different dermatologist and my journey to start visiting doctors started. All I got was medicines like antibiotics prescribed with some face washes by every single dermatologist that I’ve visited. I started taking medicines and my acne started getting better and I started getting confidence. And my friends used to say wow your skin is glowing what have you done to yourself. Medicines can temporarily make your skin look good but once you stop taking them you are back to the same thing until I found the acne scars laser treatment in Lahore from which I finally got rid of my acne permanently. I got my treatment from Dr Sadaf in Lahore as skin specialist in Lahore are really good and she made me believe that acne is not forever and can be handled. After 2 sessions only my acne had already reached almost invisible. It took me only 3 to 4 sessions and I regained my confidence.

Becoming negative rather than positive

And a time came in my teenage years when I started becoming negative about life and things around me. Because people’s comments really affected my mindset. And at that where everyone expects you to be jolly, positive and fun to be around. I was the one getting negative, introverted, insecure and losing my confidence.

But one thing that I noticed was that when I was becoming negative my face was getting more pimples. Because negativity can affect your skin too if you are positive and happy in every situation then that simply appears on your face. So one thing I would suggest to everyone with acne or any skin related issues needs to be positive rather than becoming negative and having a complex that they are less than anyone around them.

Exercise and yoga for better skin

I started to wonder why I have to take these medicines and do a lot of makeup to be pretty. I can be pretty confident, pretty smart, pretty kind rather than just to be pretty there is more than just to be beautiful. So one thing is we need to accept ourselves as we are because if you are not able to accept one’s own self nobody around there would be willing to accept you so acceptance is something that starts with yourself first.

I gave up on many things I loved in my diet eggs, chocolates, coffee, dry fruits anything that’s not good for my Acne. That was a really hard thing to do but I somehow managed to do that. But quitting food that I love didn’t help me. I still had pimples on my face so one thing I would suggest is to stop quitting on food that you love is not something related to food that’s what I believe. Eat whatever you like and start eating healthy rather than stop eating.

Some people might have hormonal issues and because of that, they might be getting acne. I visited one dermatologist and she told me that it’s not about giving up on things you like, it’s something related to hormonal imbalance. And I have the same issue. One thing I like about her was that she told me to start eating salads, fresh fruits, and drinking juices that can help you deal with your acne. And she suggested eating chocolates, dry fruits or whatever you like in a less quantity rather than not eating at all. Because our body needs everything chocolate is good for your mood swings and stress.

And when my university started I used to keep one or two chocolates in my bag like every day. And whenever I feel depressed or upset I used to grab one chocolate it really helped me with my mood swings and people giving harsh comments on acne.

So eating sweets can really make you happy.

I started eating salads, fruits, and juices too and that really helped me with my acne. So start eating clean and try to be positive because if you are positive and happy you can be a beautiful person in the world. Leave the negativity behind and be positive because it really does help.

Exercise is one of the best things to do. Exercise is not just for fat people, it is really good for every age. I started the gym and yoga I used to wake up early in the morning and go to the gym that really helped me with my negativity and skin problems. My skin was getting good and I was becoming a positive and peaceful person because exercise and yoga can relax your mind if you are going through some kind of issues in life and struggling with something you can not control.

Yoga really gives my skin a glowing factor and whenever I come back from my yoga class I notice a positive thing coming up in my life. So a good diet and exercise can really help with your skin related issues. If you think you don’t have time for the gym then do exercises at home at least once a week and see the differences in your life. My face always matches my mood whatever I’m feeling it’s simply visible on my face whether I’m stressed, tense, depressed or happy my face says it all. I learned just to go with the flow and don’t be so hard on yourself. I used to grab my yoga mat and it really helped me with my thoughts or personal issues.

Learn to accept yourself as you are because you have the capability to do that. If you have acne problems or any skin related issues be positive about them don’t be so hard on yourself. Because our mind and body need time to accept changes and things we are struggling with. Learn to be calm and composed in everything don’t let the negativity affect you in any way. Exercise and yoga are some of the best things to deal with negativity and it really gives you a fresh feeling and you really feel good about one’s own self.

Hopefully, some of these things might help you. From the experiences I’ve shared, I learned that not everyone is the same and just because something worked for me, does not mean it will work for you. But you don’t have to give up on things that are hard for you to learn to be open-minded to what may be the cause of it all.

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