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Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Foodie Friend

All of us must have friends who love food and love trying out different cuisines almost every time we go out dining with them. While they might dismiss and say that there is not any word called a foodie and everyone loves food, you have to tell them that indeed their love for food was a little more than the average general population. It will be appropriate to say that they live for food.

Now if you plan give birthday gifts and order online flower delivery in Bangalore for your foodie friends staying in the city, with so many things to choose from, it would actually get really confusing to choose the perfect gift. However here are some great suggestions for perfect birthday gifts for your foodie friends. These include food gifts to cooking ware for cooking more delicious dishes. Check out the list below-

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 Cookbooks can be great birthday gifts for your foodie friends. Your friends may be ones who are baking enthusiasts or who love trying out their luck at cooking occasionally. For both these kinds of people, cookbooks would be a great idea.

When they are not in a mood to have food from restaurants or online deliveries, they would probably try cooking or baking the recipes mentioned in these books. If you are lucky, you might be even treated with some delicious treats by your friend with recipes mentioned in the book. For your friends staying in Bangalore and other cities, you can even order flowers through flower delivery in Chandigarh to make the birthday even more special.

T-Shirt with Quotes about food

 Foodie friends definitely would love something that shows their love for food to the other people and what a better gift on a birthday than to gift T-shirts with quotes about food to such friends.

You can add quirky quotes about food or any movie or pop-culture character that loves food. The popular ones being ‘Joey never shares his pizza’ from the popular TV sitcom Friends. Any foodie friend would love flaunting that t-shirt in the public proclaiming his undying love for food.

Mini Waffle maker 

Who does not have cravings for waffles in the mornings during breakfast? However, making it is a laborious process and with most of us having tough schedules to manage, we hardly get time to indulge in this. You can, however, make things easy for your foodie friend by gifting him/her a mini waffle maker to satisfy their waffle cravings.

Whether its low carbohydrates healthy cheese waffles or egg waffles, your friend can make anything he/she desires. If you are living abroad, then you can even arrange for some Online Flower Delivery in Jaipur for your friends living here on their birthdays. Most florists arrange same-day flower delivery anywhere within the country.

A food basket

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All foodies love to eat and swear by food.  You can definitely gift your foodie friend a gift hamper with various treats and snacks inside it all packed nicely in a basket.

It can have cured meats, different varieties of cheese, dips, chocolates, cookies, a variety of fruits and many things like these. Whenever your friends feel hungry he can munch on these. Do not forget to order flower bouquet online along with this food basket.

Kitchen accessories 

If your friend is a great cook or loves experimenting with cooking occasionally, a kitchen accessory set would qualify as a great birthday gift.

These can include tongs, moulds, cutlery or bowl sets which he/she can use during cooking. This would be a gift that will not only be thoughtful also very much useful in everyday life.

Personalised coffee mugs with a small coffee machine

Coffee is almost like a necessity in everyday life and helps us stay energised especially during those days which are hectic or with long drawn hours. A personalised coffee mug with some message would be a great idea to gift someone on their birthday.

You can make this even grander by gifting a small coffee making machine. Making coffee would become very easy now. The next probably when you visit your friend, he/she might serve your coffee directly from this machine. Lovely, isn’t it?

A ticket to a special cooking class

Gourmet chefs today hold exclusive cooking master classes in most big cities. If your friend is one who keeps experimenting new dishes, then you could probably buy him/her a ticket to a masterclass.

Your friend will get to understand and learn things here from scratch. There could not a better gift than this for a friend who absolutely loves food.

Birthday gift ideas for foodie friends are surely a lot more and you can surely improvise, thinking of many ways of making your friend’s birthday special.

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