7 Simple Travel Tips To Follow While Travelling To Mountains

7 Simple Travel Tips To Follow While Travelling To Mountains

Travelling to the mountains is absolute fun and it is the best way to with friends. Mountain travelling could be for many reasons. The rocky giants are best for adventure, escape relaxation and a chance to be around nature.
Every age group loves to travel to mountains its just that the idea of mountain travelling in different. And on top of it, it is always a struggle when packing a suitcase. So, here I am with some travel tips to follow while travelling to the mountains:

1. Tour Guide

The first and foremost thing is to travel with a tour guide. Though many people choose to travel alone or sometimes with their friend circle. But it’s good to have a tour guide if you are not familiar with the places. This will help you to roam around the place better without any difficulty you would be able to enjoy the tour without much hassle. I will suggest to book your tour first and meet my holiders Shimla is a trusted name for such tours. They are
the best tour operator in Shimla and provides facilities like Accommodation, Cabs with pick and drop facility, Hotels with meal services and that too at the best rates of every season. You can trust them with any tour all over India.

2. Map/Itinerary Printout

While we travel to mountains, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to take at least 2 hard copies of Map/ Itineraries along with you. Though everyone uses smartphones these days, you can be out of network anytime
while travelling to mountains and this could be a barrier in your trip. So to avoid this problem, maps/itinerary printouts are a must.

3. Technical equipment

Your mountain climbing is incomplete and quite risky without this technical equipments. Now you must be thinking about what these technical equipment are? Well, these types of equipment can come in the form of things you wear and use to perform various climbing tasks. The equipment includes:

a) Carabiners: It is used to quickly connect and disconnect parts of a system, such as a harness to rope.

b) Belay device: To prevent a fellow climber from falling.

c) Crampons: They are attached to the bottom of mountaineering boots to protect the climber from slipping.

d) Ice axes: a multi-purpose tool


4. Handy/Light Backpack

This is the very basic thing which almost everybody forgets. We as a climber plan a lot about such trips and collect a lot of stuff which later becomes difficult to carry. Try to carry only those things which are important and handy. Heavy stuff can make you’re climbing a bit difficult. Add light material in your bag and wear light+warm clothes which are best for your whole journey.


5. Portable Food and Water

During travelling, keep at least a one-litre water bottle for personal use with yourself. You can also keep water purification tablets just in case you are out of drinking water. This is the best way to survive in such a situation.
In food, try to carry the food which is light and nutritious at the same time. One can carry a packet of dry fruits like almonds, cashews, Dry apples, light wafers etc.

6. Mobile/Backup

While you are travelling to the mountains, make sure you keep your mobile phone and that too fully charged. Also, make sure to keep the battery backup with yourself. Stay connected with your family and friends. Update them
with your current location so that in case of emergency, they could reach you easily.

7. Camping Gear

While you are heading out on a mountaineering expedition, then circumstances are that it could take more than one day. So it’s important to keep all the essential camping stuff with yourself. This will include a four-season┬átent, sleeping bag and cooking gear such as a pot, propane tank, and cooking attachment and something with which to eat.


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